Sedona Soul Spa Wellness Center™ - Sedona Arizona

Rozlyn’s Energy Wellness Services

Rozlyn Reynolds is a Psychic Mystic with a powerful energy presence. She always works in collaboration with her Angels and Guides, and asks the clients Angels and Guides for assistance. Once she is given permission to work on the client, she asks for white light energy to come into her crown chakra and fill her Aura. She then is able to direct that white light energy to the client to help clear and balance their energy field, help repair damage to their Aura, and to facilitate negative energy / entity removal. Roz is able to perform these healings in person, via Zoom Video Conferencing, and over the phone.

Energy Clearing, Balancing and Crystal Healing with Rozlyn Reynolds

Rozlyn chooses 2 double terminated quartz crystal rods that are in harmony with the clients energy. She charges the rods with her powerful energy field which she directs through her hands. She says a prayer and affirmation and asks for assistance in the crystral healing process from the clients Angels and Guides, and begins aiming the crystal rods on clients feet and slowly works the energy up through the chakras. Rozlyn goes into detail about this process in a video (click button below).