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Oxidative Therapy Consultation

Oxidative therapy gives the immune system a massive assist when it cleans the body of viruses, bacteria, and fungus. More oxygen makes the immune system’s job easier and, at the same time, makes the immune system stronger. By increasing oxygen to the cells, the cells begin to oxidize toxins and eliminate them, thus regenerating and rejuvenating tissues.

Oxygen is invincible in its ability to give or take away life, and that goes as much for cancer cells as it does for healthy human cells. On the positive side, oxygen therapy is terrific because it translates into more cellular energy, healing energy, and energy to help us feel relaxed and perform better in life.

There is no life without oxidation though there are harmful organisms, pathogens, and cancer cells that do pretty well without oxygen. Provide enough oxygen, and its Armageddon time for viruses, bacteria, fungus, and even cancer cells can be obliviated.

Pathogens detest high oxygen environments, so oxidative therapy is highly effective at eliminating them. Oxygen deficiency is ALWAYS present when cancer develops.” Because of their altered oxygen metabolism, cancerous cells are less able to handle the oxidative stress presented by oxidative therapies than normal cells. Read the full article here.

Oxidative therapy can provide a wide range of benefits to those living with: Autoimmune disease | Bacterial infections | Cancer | Cardiovascular disease | Chronic fatigue syndrome | Depression | Diabetes | Fibromyalgia | Fungal infections | Lyme disease | Respiratory conditions | Sleep disorders | Viral infections