Sedona Soul Spa Wellness Center™ - Sedona Arizona

Sedona Soul Spa Wellness Center™ is offering 1 Hour and 1/2 Hour Ionic Detox Footbath Sessions.

The Ionic Detox Footbath process is an amazing cleansing method for detoxifying your entire body by bathing your feet in warm water while using positive and negative ions from an ion generator—the array. The process is also known as electrolysis.

The array element is the actual ion generator device that sits down into the water and creates the ion charge and flow within that solution. It attaches to the power supply, which controls the array element ion flow and charge.Demo Image

If you are skeptical about the benefit of Ionic Detox Footbaths, please follow this link to an article by Christine Adamo. Christine is a board certified Oriental medical physician in the state of California.

IONIC DETOX FOOTBATHS – Benefits for Our Body

(from Ion Detox Therapy User Manual ~ click here to view)

  • Removes toxins and body waste products that can cause health problems.
  • Helps clear up bad skin
  • Helps inactivate Viruses, Bacteria, Yeast and Fungus
  • Positive effect on weight loss (Assists in weight loss)
  • Headache Relief ~ Assists in clearing up headache problems.
  • Slows down aging and improves body flexibility.
  • Rejuvenates and energizes your whole body.
  • Enhances Nutrient Absorption
  • Heavy Metals Removal
  • Increase Your Energy
  • Help with Faster Recovery Time [from] Disease and Injury
  • Increased Oxygen in Your Body
  • Helps Relieve Pain and Tension
  • Improved Sleep
  • Reduces Inflammation and Unwanted Fluid Retention
  • Immune System Booster (Helps Balance Immune System)
  • Safe for Children 8 and up

This service includes cups of distilled or HydrOxy bubbled distilled drinking water.

Feel good about yourself with a detox footbath today!


"Before my first foot bath with Ed, I felt extremely tired, some of my joints were aching, and I was not sleeping well. I was not surprised to see the various colors coming out of my feet into the water, having seen a couple of other's.

What surprised me was how much my gallbladder detoxed. I did not even know I had a problem with it. Immediately after my foot bath, I felt lighter, brighter, and more alert. I have slept exceptionally well the nights since, and have greatly reduced joint pain. I look forward to continuing footbaths and the results I may experience from them."


At the time of arrival, you will be checked in and shown to a private room equipped with our Ionic Detox Footbath machine for your session.

Along with your footbath experience, you will be given a choice of peaceful relaxation during your footbath session, or you can choose to be empowered with knowledge by watching one of several documentaries that will provide you with the information, and resources to take total control over your wellness and quality of life.

Before each session, the footbath room is disinfected and the footbath machine, wrist band, and submerged array are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Book a session in our Sedona Soul Spa Wellness Center™ to experience the alternative wellness tools we offer, and empower yourself with life changing knowledge to overcome whatever ails you and your loved ones.

We promise you’ll leave with a sense of relief.

IONIC DETOX FOOTBATH Session Availability

  • Check the Booking Calendar (click on a button below)
  • For 10 to 16 Session Series every 2 days (under 50) or every 3 days (over 50) text us 928 202-8244
  • Closed Wednesday and Sunday
  • Book online or call (928) 282-2243 during office hours and we will book it for you
  • Pay online or in person


  • Check discount coupons below
  • 1 person – 60 minute Ionic detox footbath $60.00
  • 1 person – 30 minute Ionic detox footbath $45.00
  • Add a 2nd person for 60 min $60.00
  • Add a 2nd person for 30 min $45.00
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No Ionic Detox Footbath’s for:

  1. Pregnant or nursing women
  2. Folks with a pacemaker.
  3. Caution for people with diabetes type I should use this therapy with precaution (this is related to peripheral neuropathy).


The system does not claim to cure or treat any disease or injury. It assists your body to re-balance its bio-energy field and stimulates the body for self-detoxification. The body’s organs will naturally function better when the electro-magnetic fields are charged with ion energy. Foot bath will help you feel young again.

Ionic Detox Footbath Testimonials

I have seen others with their feet in murky water

and, couldn't for the life of me, understand why someone would ever want to do this! I had heard that the detox foot bath and the associated murky water was created by removing toxins from the participants BODY! Seriously?

Well, when Ed brought in his machine, I decided to give it a try. After all, who couldn't benefit from the removal of the icky things, (cellular debris, toxin buildup from the liver, gall bladder, and heavy metals). I was asked to place a Velcro silvery "belt" around my waist while Ed slipped a elastic "band" onto my arm that rested mid forearm.

I slipped my feet into the water for the bath filled with clear water; this was warm and soothing. Ed placed a device into the water, asked me what power level number I intuitively felt was for me, and also what time amount, 30, 45, or 60, minutes. For my first bath I chose 60 minutes. About 2 minutes in, the water started turning an orange-ish color. This couldn't be! I don't have any icky things in my body!

After 30 minutes, I found all the float-y things getting quite disgusting-looking. Dark greens, browns, orange, sludge, floated on top and below the water - and this only became thicker as time ticked on.

By the end of the foot bath, I was comparing the residue to when I shampoo my carpets and am amazed at all the dirt, etc., that lay inside and underneath. I was relieved to get my feet out of the water and have them rinsed off and dried.

The benefits of having this detox foot bath:

I immediately felt cleaner and lighter in body and spirit.

  1. I was relaxed knowing that some of the YEARS of build-up of toxins was flushed from my system.
  2. The next day, I noticed my "age" spots on my face were lighter! As I understood, age spots are created because of the liver - so my liver was detoxing and I could see the difference. (I am taking photo's after each bath now to document).
  3. I felt just as good, and just as much goop come out with a short 30 minute bath.
  4. Ed has 2 hookups for his machine, so having this done with a friend or family at the same time is ideal because you can sit and compare and make fun of who is the "dirtiest"!

I was introduced to the detox foot detox in 2005

and I have been getting detox foot baths as an alternative health method since that time. The results of this process are an amazing means of clearing and "re-tuning" your body. I feel relaxed, free of fatigue, mental clarity and a tremendous calm light energy surge afterward.

As an effective energetic clearing and healing process the repeated foot bath detox Ed offers is a great part of my alternative health routine because IT WORKS.

You will be amazed at what is removed and cleared for you and I'm sure you'll find the results make you feel amazing too.

This past Sunday, July 3rd,

I was gifted a foot bath from our Soul Brother Ed Movius or as I lovingly refer to him as the hairy soul sister. Never having experienced this before, I was a little nervous, as I did not know what to expect. I can honestly say that this was a wonderful experience.

Ed has a way of putting you at easy with his kind, thoughtful, and caring nature. He took great care to make sure that I was comfortable and had everything that I needed (water, a book to read) before my hour long session. As he was preparing the detox foot bath he made sure that the water was just the right temperature and explained everything step by step as my foot bath journey was underway. He went to great lengths to answer any questions that I had before, during, and after my foot bath. He also provided me with a chart and reading material on what I could expect to experience and its meaning.

After my foot bath was complete I felt a sense of peace, joy, and overall feeling of lightness and wellbeing. As the day progressed, I felt a relaxation that I can only describe as that feeling that you experience, in childhood when you are tuckered out, from a great day of playing outdoors. As the days progressed, from my initial foot bath, I also have had releases of an emotional nature.

I definitely intend to make this a regular part of my healing routine to help keep myself healthy, balanced, and to free myself of toxins and the cellular memories that accompany them.

Thank you Ed for this gift. I deeply appreciate all of the time, care and thoughtfulness that you shared.

Jane H.
Akashic Reader