Sedona Soul Spa Wellness Center™ - Sedona Arizona

Sedona Soul Spa Wellness Center™ is offering sessions with the Healthyline Inframat Pro TAO (Tourmaline, Amethyst and Obsidian Gemstones).

For everyone who desires to experience the benefits of Healthyline Inframat Pro for the first time, and for everyone who have a Healthyline Inframat Pro at home and desire to have access to one while visiting Sedona.


Heated gemstone therapy has been shown to aid in overall health and wellness. When heated, gemstones absorb regular heat and convert it into far-infrared rays that can penetrate muscles, tissues, and joints. These rays can temporarily relieve minor muscle pain and tension, as well as joint pain associated with arthritis. FIR has many benefits; find out how it can benefit you by coming to our wellness room today.

Experience the therapeutic power of our heated gemstone therapy mat, the Inframat Pro.

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Alleviate Muscle and Joint Pain
Help treat pinches, pain, and stiffness with specially designed Far Infrared Heat therapy, that treat this area in warm, soothing comfort.

Detoxify Your Body
Infrared heat induced sweat is composed of cholesterol, fat-soluble toxins, heavy metals, sulfuric acid, and ammonia (as well as sodium and uric acid.) Getting rid of these unhealthy materials can improve greatly improve your wellness.

Reduce Back Pain and Stiffness
Ease tension, strain, and chronic pain from the upper back to the lower lumbar area, increasing blood flow, relaxing spasms, and soothing muscles.

Ease Symptoms of Fatigue
Negative Ions provide comfort and improve quality of life for those experiencing fatigue. If you are searching for answers to your struggle, this therapy mat may be beneficial for multiple symptoms affecting you.


Hot Stone Therapy

Uses the placement of heated stones on the body to help relax tight muscles and increase local blood circulation where applied. This is a form of therapy commonly found in spa settings. The hot stone therapy offered with the Inframat Pro, however, is a much more complex process. While you get all the typical experiences associated with hot stone therapy, these benefits are greatly amplified by the gemstones incorporated in every mat. The Inframat Pro is available in many different models that use a combination of tourmaline, jade, or amethyst. These gemstones are natural conductors of far infrared rays and negative ions when they are activated by the heating technology. These additional processes may help improve the effects your body will receive from hot stone therapy.

Far Infrared (FIR) Therapy

Far infrared rays are a necessity to all living life. The main source of FIR is the sun. Using an Inframat Pro exposes you to these rays of invisible light when the heating technology activates the natural gemstones. These rays penetrate 4-6 inches into the body’s tissues. The benefits can include increased oxygen movement, decreased pain, inflammation, and stiffness. FIR therapy promotes relaxation that leads to higher levels of wellness.

Negative Ion Therapy

Negative ions are abundant in nature and vital to wellness. Just like stepping away for a breath of fresh air, a dose of negative ions can shock your body with a refreshing jolt. Negative ions attract harmful positive ions and pull them down to the floor, reducing the number of airborne toxins you are exposed to on a daily basis. As a result, negative ions work to improve your wellness and help with the removal of harmful metals from your body. Negative ions used in conjunction with FIR stimulate the body from the inside to rapidly increase the speed and quality of other forms of treatment and recovery.


Black Tourmaline


Tourmaline gemstone is known to aid in relieving stress, increase mental alertness, improve circulation and strengthen the immune system. It is a powerful agent for reducing toxin-related ailments.


Amethyst is a purple stone that has been used in medicine since ancient Greece. It is a natural conductor of FIR and negative ions. It is known to have calming and stress-reducing effects that make it ideal for meditation and calming practices.


The jet black color of obsidian is believed to draw all negativity to it, both physically and mentally, protecting the user from any harm. Obsidian is a very powerful support gemstone, amplifying the effects of other stones it is around.


At the time of arrival, you will be checked in and shown to a private room equipped with our Healthyline Inframat Pro (3 in 1) for your session.

Along with your experience on our mat, you will enjoy aromatherapy with your preferred scented oil and sound therapy (choice of calming and relaxing sound therapy).

Before each session, Inframat Pro is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and preheated to a temperature of 120F (you can adjust the temperature based on your preference). You will be asked to take off your outerwear (if any) and shoes and comfortably lay down on the Inframat Pro. An experienced session lasts for 20, 30, 40 or 60 minutes.

Book a session in our Sedona Soul Spa Wellness Center™ to find relaxation and help eliminate muscle and joint pain. We promise you’ll leave with a sense of relief.

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