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We had 3 lovely lady’s arrive today that each scheduled a 1 hour psychic reading with Rozlyn next door at Sedona Soul Sisters and a 1 hour ionic detox footbath with me here at Sedona Soul Spa Wellness Center. As with most people who visit Sedona, these lady’s were on a tight time schedule, having preplanned their entire day with a ton of different experiences they had previously booked. We worked with them to make sure they each experienced an hour session with Rozlyn and also had an hour detox footbath in the 3 hours they were with us. They did good by allowing an hour buffer between their time with us and their next Sedona experience.

We decided the best way to keep everyone on schedule was to have 1 of the lady’s start her session with Rozlyn while I engaged the other 2 lady’s with detox footbaths. I can accommodate 2 detox footbaths simultaneously and with help we can do 4 detox footbaths together at the same time with them being started about 3 minutes apart.

This was the first detox footbath for 2 of the 3 lady’s and it had been many years since the one gal had previously experienced. I talked about what to expect, the color of the water changing being a result of the minerals in the water, and that the real detox effect was the particles that form in the water over the course of an hour. I mentioned that they need to give permission to their bodies to release everything that does not serve them any longer.

One of the things I do is ask if you would like to be empowered with knowledge during the hour long footbath process, or you have the choice to sit back and relax in our comfy chairs. All the lady’s chose to be empowered, so I asked them if they knew about chlorine dioxide and they said no. I then told them about a documentary made public January of 2021 put together by a critical care nurse in Michigan who spent 2-1/2 years researching and producing a wonderful movie about chlorine dioxide. I had the flat screen tv setup on the counter for their easy viewing and I also had the Universal Antidote documentary on all queued up and ready to go.

Chlorine dioxide is primarily used in agriculture and water purification. It is FDA approved to purify water, but they frown on anyone recommending its use to rid their bodies of pathogens, virus, heavy metals and spike proteins. Yes, ClO2 denatures the spike protein that the mRNA gene therapy bio- weapon covid jabs install in your body.

Since the FDA is literally an extension of the multinational criminal pharmaceutical drug cartels, its no wonder they don’t want anybody taking back control of their wellness with a safe and effective, readily available, inexpensive substance that you can learn to treat your with, along with treating your family, friends and pets. Criminal big harma can read the writing on the wall with this one, cuz ClO2 also puts an end to their whole covid19 plandemic along with all of their gain of function virus/bacteria variants they’ve already paid for. Icing on the cake for mankind is that it also puts an end to HIV, Diabetes, Cancer and a whole host of other big harma money makers.

So today there are 3 more lady’s who have been empowered with information about this amazing and simple substance that is taking the planet by storm. Don’t wait until big harma drug pedaling doctors completely destroy your immune system with toxic drugs that never get to the core of the problem, and only treat symptoms and are designed to create more symptoms so they can prescribe you more poisonous chemicals. Stop by and I will be happy to share my knowledge and resources with you so you too can take back control over your wellness and boycott the sick care industry along with their criminal drug cartels.

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